Wiederholung PLUS eine Extra-Stunde von Folk’n Roll am 3.10. von 18-21h!

Songs that use images from nature will be featured in this show….rootless trees, great lakes or perfect storms  are wonderful images that can describe emotions amazingly well.

In dieser Ausgabe von Folk’n Roll spiele ich ausschließlich Songs, die Bilder aus dem Bereich der Natur benutzen….hier ist die Playlist für Euch:

Josh Ritter – A Certain Light (The Beast in its Tracks, 2013) UK
Felix Meyer – Der Wind trägt uns davon (Regenwochen und Riesenrad, 2012) D
Andrew Combs – Dirty Rain (Canyons of Mind, 2017) US
John Smith – Freezing Winds of Change (Great Lakes, 2013) UK
Tess Wiley – It Rained (Little Secrets, 2013) US/ D
Damien Rice – Volcano (O, 2002) IRL
John Martyn – Over the Hill (Solid Air, 1973) UK
John Smith – Perfect Storm (Great Lakes, 2013) UK
The Black Feathers – Spider and the Fly (Soaked to the Bone, 2016) UK
Keston Cobblers‘ Club – Wildire (Wildfire, 2016) UK
James Frost – Rolling Thunder (Nameless EP, 2015) UK
Martin Harley and Daniel Kimbo – HoneyB ee (Live at Southern Ground, 2017) UK
Andrew Combs – Rainy Day Song (All these Dreams, 2015) US
Rhob Cunningham – Daylight (Our Little Secrets, 2010) IRL
John Smith – Great Lakes (Great Lakes, 2013) UK
The Black Feathers – Down by the River (Soaked to the Bone, 2016) UK
Daniel Kemish – Seven Seas (Heading South EP, 2013)
Steve’n’Seagulls – Over the Hills and Far Away (Farm Machine 2015) FIN
Jesse Furay Lynch -I wish it would Rain (Single, feat. Peidmont Brothers Band, 2014) US
Rodney Crowell (Official) – I wish it would Rain (The Houston Kid, 2001)
hillsong united – Oceans (ZION, 2013) AUS
Jason Tyler Burton – Silver Linings (Headwaters, 2014) US
Damien Rice – Rootless Tree (9, 2006) IRL
John Smith – There is a Stome (Great Lakes, 2013) UK
John Martyn – Over the Rainbow (Sapphire, 1984) UK
Scott Matthews – Sunlight (Home Part 1, 2014) UK
Felix Meyer – Nordwind (Von Engeln und Schweinen, 2012) D
Die Sendung wird am 3.10. von 18-21h (mit einer Extra-Stunde!) wiederholt.