The Black Feathers

The Black Feathers – Down by the River (single)

The Black Feathers
Album: Down By The River
Label: Blue House Music
Tracks: 1

A new release from the small but fine label Blue House Music: The single “Down by the river” is a perfect teaser for the keenly awaited debut album by one of the most promising folk duos in the UK: It’s an up tempo, country like tune that has a lovely toe tapping rhythm. As juxtaposition there are the gloomy lyrics about loss and desperation. Ray Hughes’ and Sian Chandler’s vocals match perfectly as on their debut EP “Strangers we meet”. Goosebumps guaranteed. The arrangement is wonderful. There is a beautiful a capella bit in between a well-rounded instrumentation of double bass (John Parker), mandolin (Russell Smith) and violin (Anna Jenkins). This song puts you into the right mood to listen on…can’t wait for the album release…

12/ 15