The Black Feathers – 7th Feb 2015

To me they are certainly one of the most exciting mixed duos around: The Black Feathers. The great thing about seeing them live is that they are courageous enough to sing their harmonies so close or so apart to each other’s notes that it could easily go wrong, yet it never does. I saw them play live in a row of three nights on their European “New Roots” tour and each night was another outstanding experience of exquisite songwriting, daring harmonies and varied guitar accompaniments. The audiences loved them. On Feb 7th at the Destille in Dollerup near Flensburg, Ray Hughes and Sian Chandler didn’t have to win the audience of 120 people, because everyone was receptive and listening spot on. It seemd as if they had all checked this duo out before and sort of new what to expect and then were overwhelmed by the quality of their performance. They played songs from their critically acclaimed EP “Strangers we Meet”, several new songs that they hadn’t played in the UK before like the wonderfully dark “Blind” and some carefully chosen covers. The most enthusiastically received one probably being their fantastic delivery of “Spirit in the Sky” that they had done a great little video of just before they had started off their tour. They ended their night with the amazingly touching “You will be mine” which they played unplugged, again, a sign of taking any risk to entertain their audience to the utmost. No problem at all for those two accomplished and versatile singers with their incredibly well matching voices. Breathtaking: the a capella parts of their songs. One really can’t ask for more on a folk night out.

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