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Troy Faid

Duo Spring Tour 2016 Troy Faid and Tim Loud

March 12th Bern, Zoobar,

March 13th tba March 14th CH, Wetzikon, Molly Malone Irish Pub,

March 15th CH, Zurich, Langstars, Zurich,

March 16th Germany, Waldshut, Altes Stellwerk,

March 17th CH, Solothurn, Altes Spital,

March 18th Winnenden, Palme (Bar),

March 19th Mainz, Schon Schön (Bar),

March 20th Cologne, Kulturcafé Lichtung,

March 21st Steinhude am Meer, Filou,

March 22nd Sylt, Rantum, Dünenhotel Rantum

March 23rd Sylt, Sylter Tagesbar,

March 24th Husum, Musikschule Workshop Musik,

March 26th (Easter Saturday). Husbyries, Meyer’s Plunschli,

March 27th (Easter Sunday) Amsterdam, Checkpoint Charlie,

Troy Faid

Troy Faid – Live by Numbers

Troy Faid

Album: Live By Numbers

Label: Gin House

Tracks: 9


If you thought, as I did, that the generation of the angry young men were extinct this man proves you wrong: 32-year-old Troy Faid fom Leeds. I have not come across so political and critical lyrics in folk music for a long while. And I love it. Troy Faid has come up with a 9 track album that he has filled with his thoughts and ideas about the world and what should change. In the title track and fantastic opener “Live by numbers” he criticizes materialism, in “War and Propaganda” he indicts the misuse of soldiers and in “Lay in the Gutter” and “So it Goes” he states the importance of speaking up. It’s as if he is trying to use every instant of the record to try and open our minds. That’s great, because it provides the album with a tremendous intensity and depth. Faid chooses his words very carefully so that his lyrics are poetic and quite wonderful: “But there’s nothing gonna keep us down for long/ ‘cause this truth it bears a voice of a universal tongue” (“Double Speak”). Musically, the album is just as intense as lyrically. Troy Faid has created his very own modern folk style that is stunning. There has been a very nice and healthy development from his debut album “Last Weeks Tune” on to his second album “Solus” (both of which are well worth listening to!) towards this one which really tops his musical achievement. A traditional instrumentation has been combined with musical influences from jazz, modern, world music, sometimes even experimental. Faid sings with a natural, earthy voice that transports the songs’ content convincingly. The arrangements are transparent and light and vary from song to song which adds to the great diversity of the album (co-produced by Ross Halden and Troy Fayd). There are two instrumentals that reflect on Faid as a fabulous guitar resp. banjo player. Funny enough, in his playing you will find the same furious intensity as in his lyrics. All of the nine songs on this album are great, I really wouldn’t want to miss a single one, but there is one outstandingly cracking tune that deserves an extra mention: “Samadhi”. What a song! So full of life, so full of energy and philosophy and joy, based on the exclamation: “I will not walk this world asleep/ Hypnotized by the lies they breed”. In my 10 favourite songs ever this would definitely find its place.

Troy Faid

Troy Faid

Troy Faid ist ein außergewöhnlicher Singer-Songwriter aus Leeds. Seine Techniken, seine Virtuosität und seine Tempi auf der Gitarre und dem Banjo sind atemberaubend. Dass er Autodidakt ist, lässt sich fast nicht glauben. Verblüfft muss man feststellen, dass seinem Spiel die gleiche wütende Intensität innewohnt wie seinen Texten. Die Texte sind sozialkritisch und anspruchsvoll und enthalten viele Anspielungen aus Literatur und Philosophie. Musikalisch bewegt Troy Faid sich zwischen Jazz, Folk und Weltmusik. Seine Stimme ist natürlich, erdig und kraftvoll. Begleitet wird er von gefragten Studio- und Livemusikern wie Adam Richards und Tim Loud am Bass.


Troy Faid is an extraordinary singer-songwriter from Leeds. His technical skills, his versatile playing and his speed on the guitar as well as on the banjo are breath taking. It is hard to believe he taught himself. You will find the same furious intensity in his playing that you find in his lyrics. The lyrics are socio-critical and demanding and contain allusions to literature and philosophy. Musically, Troy Faid can be found somewhere between jazz, folk and world music. He is being accompanied by sought after studio musicians like Adam Richards und Tim Loud on bass.

Seine Musik funktioniert akustisch ebenso wie elektrisch, je nachdem, was bevorzugt wird oder besser zum Anlass/ zum Veranstaltungsort passt. Hier Aufnahmen eines seiner Lieder in beiden Versionen:

His music works acoustically as well as electrically, depending on what is preferred or suits the occasion/ the location better. Here are two takes of one of his songs in both styles: (akustisch) (elektrisch)