Schlagwort-Archiv: Tobias ben Jacob

Tobias ben Jacob & Lukas Drinkwater

Tobias ben Jacob & Lukas Drinkwater – The Burning Low EP

Tobias ben Jacob & Lukas Drinkwater
Album: The Burning Low EP
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 6

Tobias ben Jacob and Lukas Drinkwater are one of those duos that, once heard, you just want to hear more of. Their vocals match perfectly and their instruments complement each other extremely well. Lukas’s versatile and creative double bass lines underlay the moody songs with a vibrant tone and Tobias’s delicate finger picking guitar style gets a beautiful juxtaposition. The hit of this record clearly is “Burning Low”, that’s probably why chosen as the opener and also the title song. It is a strong song and one of those songs that you don’t forget. The rhythmic bass line drags you in and creates a certain tension that stays for the whole length of the song, and beyond. The other 5 songs though have a lot to offer too. The intriguing “The Devil & Tobias ben Jacob” with many passages whispered is unusual and deserves attention. Also “A Polyphonic Life” has something very special about it – it says: “Let me breathe, let me fly, let me live a polyphonic life…”, that’s nicely put any music lover will be able to relate to it. The melody is gorgeous and holds lots of little surprises. And it does justice to Tobias ben Jacob’s vocal qualities that are displayed beautifully in this final song of a fabulous debut EP.

11/ 15