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Matt Watson

Matt Watson – Grounded

Matt Watson
Album: Grounded
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 9

Matt Watson’s debut album “Grounded” is characterized by a certain and rare kind of rawness and naturalness. Nothing sounds polished or artificial on this album. That is convincing. Here is somebody that doesn’t seem to be making music in order to sound great but because he feels the urge to make people see what he has noticed. His voice sounds rough and a bit hoarse, sometimes angry.

There is anger and some bitterness in his lyrics too. But on the other hand we are asked to do things and not stand still. Matt Watson’s music is very lively and vibrant in itself so this musician is in himself an example of trying, of not giving up, of endless hope and of courage. That is very convincing. He easily transports everything he has to say with the help of powerful melodies, intelligent lyrics, diverse instrumentation and authentic vocals.

The first three songs of the album are quite political, protest songs of the 80ies come into mind. At the heart of the album there is Every Heartbeat, a great upbeat song in minor, followed by three more personal, quieter songs. Second last song is the balanced title track Grounded, nicely accompanied by strings and acoustic guitar to be followed by another upbeat and cheerful sounding track: A New Life – this song wants us to “stand up, not stand still, keep on moving, don’t lose the will”. Personally, I couldn’t agree more. Listening till the end, “Let’s all do something crazy” is what we are left with. And why not?!videos

11/ 14