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Jason Tyler Burton

Jason Tyler Burton – The Ballad of Sally Moore EP

Jason Tyler Burton
Album: The Ballad of Sally Moore EP
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 3

The “Ballad of Sally Moore” is a touching story, viewed at from three different angles, told in three different songs. Jason Tyler Burton is a fantastic songwriter whose wonderful chord progressions have intrigued me on his debut EP as much as on his debut album and now again in this new project of his. Now, despite the sad topic of a woman who flees from domestic violence, these three songs are not all sad. The first one, sung from the perspective of her abusive husband, being the saddest one is followed by two rather upbeat tracks. Their instrumentation is diverse and creates a superb sound texture that displays the Burton’s classy acoustic guitar style beautifully. Moody electric guitar solos as well as some nicely chosen string parts add to the special atmosphere in the second and third track. Burton’s vocals are touching and authentic, he completely devotes himself to the storytelling. The three songs manage to show how one person’s fate can create so many thoughts and images in the surrounding people and touches them in different ways. It surely shows that everyone’s life matters and certainly has an influence on others and that is a consoling thought. This might be why despite the sad story behind it the songs don’t leave you sad. Here are three masterpieces of excellent song writing, every song carefully build and formed in order to convey their stories as tangible as possible.

12/ 15