Folk'n Roll

Playlist Folk’n Roll 30.3.2017

Bitte hier einschalten/ please tune in here: (21-23h / UK: 20-22pm / Texas: 14-16h / Princeton: 15-17h / Japan 31.3: 4-6h / Aus: 31.3. 6-8 / NZ: 31.3. 8-11h)

Jack O’Rourke – The other side of Now (The other side of Now EP, 2015) IRL
Daniel Kemish – Local Town (Heading South EP, 2013) UK/ Portugal
Benjamin Folke Thomas – Fire (Too close to here, 2013) SE
Dan Wilde – The List (Rhythm of the City Wall, 2016) UK
The Posters Life – Ordinary (January EP, 2016) UK
Larkin Poe – Stubborn Love (Reskinned, 2016) US
Jarrod Dickenson – Little Black Dress (The Lonesome Traveler, 2013) US
Town Van Zandt – Dollar Bill Blues (A far cry from dead, 1999) US
Benjamin Folke Thomas – Futile Blues (Rogue State of mind, 2015) SE
Mo Kenney – The Great Escape (Mo Kenney, 2012) CAN
Nirvana – The man who sold the world 1970 (MTV unplugged in New York live 1994) US
Benjmain Folke Thomas – Gimme a Smile (Copenhagen, 2017) SE
Benjamin Folke Thomas – Dreams of High Quality Wood (Equinox Live at the Hawley Arms, 2012) SE
Interview mit Benjamin Folke Thomas Teil 1
Honey & The Bear – Pick it up (About Tim Too EP, 2016)
The Black Feathers – Down by the River (Soaked to the Bone, 2016) UK
Interview mit Benjamin Folke Thomas Teil 2
Benjamin Folke Thomas – Hold on (Copenhagen, 2017) SE
Interview mit Benjamin Folke Thomas Teil 3
Ed Roland & the Sweet Tea Project – Shelter from the Storm (Chimes of Freedom, The songs of Bob Dylan, 2011) US
Interview mit Benjamin Folke Thomas Teil 4
The Lone Bellow – You don’ t love me like you used to (The Lone Bellow, 2013) US
The Highwaymen – Highwayman (The Best of Willie Nelson, 2008)
Daniel Kemish – In the fast Lane (Fools & Money, 2016) UK/ Portugal
Tim Loud – Razorblade Valentine (Born to lose, 2014) UK
Elliot Smith – Angeles (Either/ Or, 1997) US
Ron Sexsmith – Secret Heart (Ron Sexsmith, 1996) CAN
Feist – Secret Heart (Let it die, 2004) CAN
Mo Kenney – Déjà vu (Mo Kenney, 2012) CAN
Josh Ritter – The Curse (So runs the world away, 2010) US