Lewis & Leigh

Lewis & Leigh – Missing Years EP

Lewis & Leigh
Album: Missing Years EP
Label: ALM
Tracks: 4
Website: http://www.lewisandleigh.com/

With „Missing Years“ Lewis&Leigh have released their second EP that shows a fantastic progression from their already fabulous debut EP Late Night Drives. They seem to be even more confident with each other than on the predecessor. The songs are even more intriguing, as they discover the dark sides of life in a more daring way. The opener “Devil’s in the detail” lays open a long term relationship’s cold, the next song “Late Show” outlines the needs and fantasies of someone very lonely. Rubble turns out to be a tribute to a mining village in South Wales that is very moving. And again they chose to make their very own version of a song not written by themselves to finish their EP: Their amazing version of “Spies” from Coldplay goes right under your skin.

It is their harmonies that just work so well that every song enfolds in its best possible way. It is amazing how they synchronize their emphasis in their vocals so perfectly like e.g. in Late Show when they exclaim “Why don’t you go on and take me home?” Sound and instrumentation are excellent too: Beautiful electric guitar (Lewis) and subtle piano playing (Leigh) are accompanied by atmospheric brass sounds (in Late Show). There is great variation in their song writing – it’s inventive and diverse and I can’t wait for them to release a full album finally. Both of them are experienced songwriters and both their styles melt together into something extravagant, unique and absolutely wonderful.

5/ 15