Lewis & Leigh

Lewis & Leigh – Hidden Truths EP

Lewis & Leigh
Album: Hidden Truths EP
Label: ALM
Tracks: 4
Website: http://www.lewisandleigh.com/

Their third EP within just over year shows the incredible creativity of this fantastic Welsh/ American duo, Lewis & Leigh. It is really hard to say anything sensible about this EP as it is so good that I am a bit overwhelmed by my own enthusiasm. So let’s try to reason: The first song, “Country Comfort” is a quiet song with just a guitar and a piano. This lovely opener shows what those two can do with not much else than they use when they play live. It is full of appreciation for the nice and simple things of country life and reminds us of the hidden treasures in our lives.

The second song is an up-beat, full band plus brass song that underlines the topic of this EP, hidden truths. This song is like an exclamation to stop lying to yourself and instead to follow your heart. It starts all quiet, just with Alva’s sweet vocals, is then followed by Al’s smooth voice and then leads into the chorus that is first sung unisono – a great means to increase tension and variety. These two songs alone are so good and so different that they would have made a fantastic single by themselves. It wouldn’t be Lewis & Leigh however, if there wasn’t more to come: For me completely surprising, a proper upbeat country song follows, with a strong bass line, powerful drums and more brass!

This song is an absolute cracker…without closer attention it comes along as a cheerful country song with some romance in it but in fact it is nothing like that: The story telling in it is so touching and engaging and delivered in a sensationally adequate way: First it’s just him, Al, singing about how he had been delivered on a hospital door as a baby boy, then Alva tells the story from the young mum’s perspective that was too young and not allowed to raise her child herself. So they take turns in telling the story from each their perspectives. Later in life he goes searching for her and finds her. Their first conversation on her doorstep is then sung… you might have guessed it… together. Noone with a heart can not be in tears by now, can they? The thing is, there is no sentimentality about it at all. Remember, the whole sad story is delivered as a cheerful country song, with all the dynamics of youth and love of life in it, only interrupted by Alva’s solos. Some hidden truths are revealed in this story, for sure.

The final song is a smooth Sunday morning toetapper but of course plays with some hidden truths in it too: It is about a long forgotten romantic scene in a long term relationship that both partners wish would come back – it could be read as a reminder of the pleasures of a young and fresh love all the same. Needless to say: I can’t wait for a full length album.

10/ 15