Kasban – IV

Album: IV
Label: Louvaio Productions
Tracks: 12

There is something about Swedish pop music. Kasban is another Swedish band that knows how to write superb pop music without a cheap or cheesy touch. First of all, it’s three great musicians that make great music with whatever instruments you give them, two of which are really talented singers with a charming softness in their voices that are hard not to like. Well, best you give Henning Sernhede a mandolin or an electric guitar and Jonas Abrahamsson keys and drums and Johannes Mattson a bass guitar. Henning Sernhede is an extraordinary guitarist and even more so as he always plays his guitar with a sort of understatement, modesty, and devotion to the song, which is just so enjoyable, e.g. in “WOOT” and “Soldier”, but you can hear it on nearly every song.
Some of you might have come across them as band members of the wonderful Benjamin Folke Thomas who has always been praised for his great band. What hasn’t been so evident is how talented two of them are as songwriters too. Jonas Abrahamsson and Henning Sernhede mix genres seemingly unafraid of anything: So what really is a full-fledged pop album called IV comes up with a song like “On Sale” in the second half of the album that is purely arranged with engaging keys and passionate vocals (Jonas Abrahamsson) and some super cool electric guitar effects (Henning Sernhede): very pure, very intense. This is followed, most surprisingly, by the beautiful instrumental jazz number “Windhoek”. The final track “All I ever wanted to Say”, however, is presented as an atmospheric soul number. Oh yes, and “Rather than not Having you” in the first half of the album comes along as a wonderful fragile acoustic track with Henning Sernhede on mandolin and Jonas Abrahamsson on vocals as well as Josefin Runsteen (vocals and violin). Sticking to any sort of genre is evidently of no interest to the three Swedes – and right they are. This cross over of different genres gives an album full of fresh and youthful pop songs the finishing touch – an album perfect for nice and long summer nights to come.

2/ 16

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