Ian Bailey

Ian Bailey – Empty Fields

Ian Bailey
Album: Empty Fields
Label: Northern Sun
Tracks: 10
Website: http://ianbailey-music.moonfruit.com

Ian Bailey is one of those quiet professionals that are absolutely proficient in what they do but don’t put themselves into the foreground. Working as a producer and label owner he has helped many others to get their music heard but his own music seems to stay behind. I had heard of Ian Bailey long before I got to know his music on this album which is already his fourth release.

He is a wonderful songwriter, an amazing singer and a versatile acoustic guitarist: One of those musicians that make you want to not miss a single note as he cherishes every single one. His album is a very personal one and a very serious one too. Bailey doesn’t just sing sad songs but in fact expresses an actual concern through them. Songs like “Over the Hills and Far Away” and the title song “Empty Fields” express a great longing for peace and quietness. Touching love songs like “Lover’s Moon” or “Too Many Stars” prove Bailey to be a wonderfully emotional singer as well as a sensitive poet.

In the more upbeat songs “TV Land”, “The Heart of this Machine” and “Make Room for her Instead” his finger picking skills are displayed brilliantly and add an abundant variety of accompanying styles to the album. However, it is those songs that one wishes to also hear with a larger instrumentation. They are great songs that leave so much space to enfold and develop that one can literally hear brass, strings or keys and backing vocals as well as percussion in the back…

5/ 15