Harri Endersby

Harri Endersby – Ivy Crown EP

Harri Endersby
Album: Ivy Crown
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 5
Website: https://www.facebook.com/harriendersbymusic

“Ivy Crown” is the brilliant debut by a rising star from the Northeast of England: Harri Endersby. Each of the five songs on this EP are an absolute pleasure to listen to, they are five lovely pieces of art with all the ingredients you would ask for: Varied instrumentation, playful songwriting, beautiful vocals, poetic lyrics. We are offered a nice variation of quiet tunes like “Bird & Whale” or “Tobacco Tin”, cheerful arrangements like in the sweet “Love Song of a Willow Tree” and some modern elements in the Songs “Shadows” and the final track “Ivy Crown”. Those two songs use interesting overflowing harmonies and modern beats. Being deeply rooted in her folk tradition of the Northeast, Harri Endersby lets modern elements come into play which will certainly transport this music to young listeners too or those that might not be that interested in traditional folk music. I really like this open mindedness of Harri Enderby’s music and it might be part of what really makes her debut EP extraordinary.

2 / 15