Eoin Glackin – Pretty Girl EP

Eoin Glackin

Eoin Glackin
Album: Pretty Girl
Label: IRL
Tracks: 4
Website: http://www.eoinglackin.com/

This enjoyable EP by the Irish singer songwriter Eoin Glackin starts with the quiet „Pretty Girl“ and then surprises with three radio friendly, up -beat and energetic tracks. Writing catchy but still not predictable tunes is certainly some of the gifts of Eoin Glackin as well as his distinctive and captivating vocals. The arrangements on all of the 4 tracks are ideal: Some nice piano floating in on the first and second track as well as some powerful drumming adding to the liveliness of the second one. A nice folky fiddle gives the finishing touch in three of the four songs. What I like is that nothing is overdone and Glackin’s voice really plays the main role in all of the four songs. It’s a strong and distinctive voice that can even be accompanied by some triumphant brass sounds without getting drowned – done at the end of the fourth and final song „Rain finally came“. This is also the title track of Glackin’s full album that will now be released in the UK as well as this EP in question.

In „Pretty Girl“ Glackin tells us about the good and fatal sides of pretty appearances, it’s a beautiful song and probably my favourite on this EP. The second track „Morning Take us Easy“ with an exclamation mark asks us to just enjoy whatever there is to enjoy without worrying about the next morning: „There’s just too much loving to get done before we face the morning sun“. Who couldn’t agree when being in a party mood? It’s a song about being young. The third one „Ride it out“ isn’t that young anymore – it talks about knowing where you belong and wanting to arrive. Finally, there is „Rain finally came“ about things that happen because they have to happen. It’s a strong song with colourful instrumentation, thoughtful verses, a catchy chorus, it’s a hit to be. Well done, Eoin Glackin. I am excited to get to know the full album and even more excited about what more to expect from this talent.

7/ 14