Emily Grove

Emily Grove – The Life of a Commoner

Emily Grove

Album “The Life of a Commoner”

10 tracks

Label: self-released

Emily Grove is certainly going to make her way up. Her amazing self-assurance and her distinctive voice being the main ingredients, paired with a passion for music and a talent for writing good tunes. First and foremost she is a devoted singer (with a voice comparable to that of Dolores O’Riordan from The Cranberries) and a self-confident performer. Her album “The life of a commoner” is a great debut album that lets her potential shine through in most of its 10 tracks. The quality of the songs varies quite a bit: “Spiders”, “Flea”, “Lock me Out” are full and opulent songs that work well in their powerful full band arrangement. Some of the acoustically played songs like “Timothy” or “The Call” seem to lack some more interesting accompaniment. Emily Grove is one of the few artists that I prefer listening to in a full band. Her vocals are so strong and a bit sharp at times that they build a remarkable and enjoyable contrast to the broad sound of a full band. The young lady from Wall, New Jersey, has taken quite a turn from her debut EP “Way across the Sea” (2011) to her first full length album and I like that turn. It can best be studied when listening to the already mentioned “Flea”. Although on her EP she took it on her album too which is quite unusual but a very good decision. On her EP it appears as a rather average pops song whereas on the album its quality truly unfolds as it has been given a deeper sound and a darker character. Maybe it’s because I have first heard her sing harmonies with other artists (David Ford/ Jarrod Dickenson) that makes me wonder how Emily Grove would sound like together with somebody else’s vocals. I don’t know why she hasn’t used any backing vocals on her album…to me her voice calls for another voice to join hers.

4/ 14