Elliott Morris

Elliott Morris – True North EP

Elliott Morris
Album: True North (EP)
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 4

Elliott Morris is certainly amazingly talented – first and foremost as a guitarist, but also as a songwriter and a singer. His vocals are easy to listen to, his songs are diverse and deep minded and his guitar playing is undoubtedly one of the best of its kind. I like all of the original songs on his new EP, not sure if playing a traditional (“Courting is a Pleasure”) on such a small selection of songs has been a good choice – I personally would have preferred a fourth original song.

It might have been for financial reasons that this EP is a purely acoustic one without any accompaniment. I must admit I would have much preferred another EP of the sort he released as his debut, “Shadows and Whispers” – arranged with a little band. It doesn’t need much to make Elliott Morris sound absolutely fabulous. Playing solo definitely works live, I can see that but on a record his playing technique requires a little softening by some other instruments. That’s what I felt anyway.

I am very much hoping for a full album release, because this guy seems to have lots of great musical as well as lyrical ideas. The EP’s fourth and final track “Something’s Got to Give” surely proves that – and surely Elliott Morris is not at all “running out of steam”. Doubting this review does justice to this young and promising artist, another line of the EP’s last song resonates in me: “The more I question everything the less sense it makes to me.”

9/ 14