Ed Prosek

Ed Prosek – Riverbed EP

Ed Prosek
Album: The Riverbed EP
Label: Lightscape
Tracks: 6
Website: http://www.edprosek.com/

After “California” (2102) and “Willow Tree” (2013) Ed Prosek’s “Riverbed” EP is the third in a row of convincingly sparkling EPs. Before getting into this one a bit closer there is the immediate question of when Ed Prosek will finally release a full length album? It is definitely time for one.

The Riverbed EP consists of six songs of distinguished arrangements, proficient production with a clear and full but not overproduced sound (Charlie McClean), lovely lyrics and a changeable voice as well as virtuous guitar playing – there is really not much more you could wish for. And, most important for me, there is an abundance of song writing qualities full of wonderful ideas and inventive playfulness. These qualities guarantee beautiful melodies and unusual chord structures.

There is something more special about him though: Ed Prosek puts everything he has to give into one song – he writes, plays and sings every song as if it was his only one. This gives depth and intensity into every single song. From a listener’s point of view, so much attention for each song reflects how much respect an artist holds for his audience.

The EP is perfectly balanced: The three more fragile songs Home, Let me know and Pictures are held tight by three mighty songs with opulent instrumentation and radio friendly pop qualities: Hold on Tight, Michigan and, my favourite, Weak Heart.

11/ 14