Chris Tye

Chris Tye – The Paper Grenade

Chris Tye
Album: The Paper Grenade
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 11

It has taken me a while to sit down and actually start writing about Chris Tye’s first full length studio album, although I have been listening to it over and over again. It’s easy to listen to but hard to write about for me. Why? Maybe because it has no rough edges that I could cling to.

It’s an 11 track album of perfect music, a wonderful sound, bright and somehow vulnerable vocals and great instrumentation. 11 really good songs none of which seems to stick out especially, as they are all equally good. There are two songs though that do resonate in me especially: the two acoustic tracks on the album – just vocals, guitar, a bit of backing vocals: The Unassuming Star (complemented with some background brass) and the title track The Paper Grenade. It might just be my personal taste but it seems as Chris Tye’s talent shines through best in the purest surrounding.

Chris Tye is a fine songwriter and it’s obvious he pays attention to details: He sings every note with the greatest care and chooses his words equally carefully: “Do we all surrender to a life mundane/ is to want enough to be, do you still feel the same, feel the violence come/ and my spirit is broken/ oh brother, do you hear what I hear, there are songs, there are symphonies to write…” (Paper Grenade). The Paper Grenade is a great debut album of a great talent, that’s for sure.

12/ 14