The April Maze

The April Maze – Sleeping Storm

The April Maze
Album: Sleeping Storm
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 13

„Sleeping Storm“ by husband and wife duo April Maze from Melbourne is an album of such clarity and transparency that it’s hard to say anything about it that wouldn’t sound obvious. It is their third album. Sivan Agam and Todd Mayhew are vivid story tellers, great vocalists, versatile instrumentalists, lovely composers. Their songs have a certain simplicity in common that does justice to the folk genre. Many of the songs could be sung along with quickly, like e.g. “Fantasy” with its completely reduced accompaniment. I am very fond of their sparse and well-chosen instrumentation. It gives the songs something unpolished and natural, almost rudimentary like traditional folk music spontaneously performed around a fire. The Cello adds an emotional note to many of the songs, like in in “It’s been a long time between beers”. The album offers a great range of songs, quiet ballads like “Homeland” and “Fire” change nicely with toe tappers like “The bishop who ate his boots” or “I’ve seen the rain”. I imagine they must be quite two personalities from what their music tells me and I am very excited to be able to see them play live in the UK soon.

5/ 15