Adam Holmes

Adam Holmes – Ae Fond Kiss (single)

Adam Holmes And The Embers
Album: Ae Fond Kiss
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 1

Adam Holmes is one of those artists that you would think have been in the music scene for a long while – he just sounds so experienced and mature and not like a youngster who is still trying to find his way. Adam Holmes has definitely found his way. After his critically acclaimed album “Heirs and Graces” his newly released single “Ae Fond Kiss” (Robert Burns) is evidence of it. There is melancholy in his delivery but also some soothing warmth within its waltz rhythm. The melody is simple, reminding slightly of a lullaby, nicely sung with Holmes’ natural, slightly dark and distinctive vocals. The tenderly and beautifully played piano adds a twinkling grace to the simplicity of the song. And there is Holmes’ soft but pronounced guitar playing that has been compared to that of John Martyn’s. The intensity and devotion in both their playing is similarly intriguing to me, that’s for sure.

2/ 15