Ezio – Adam and the Snake


Album: Adam And The Snake
Label: Salami
Tracks: 10
Website: http://www.ezio.co.uk/

„Light and happy“ (news-surfer.de) is not exactly what I’d call Ezio’s new album, „Adam and the Snake“ but I am tempted to call it the best they’ve ever done. This is first and foremost due to Ezio Lunedei’s ingenious songwriting that has reached a level of shocking purity and authenticity. Most of the songs on the new album have been played live before and were received enthusiastically. Secondly, it’s the production (Ezio Lunedei) which is equally true and genuine and completely refuses to sound any different from what it would sound played live. I’ve always found Ezio’s live albums especially enjoyable -this album sounds like a live album that happened to be recorded in a studio. There are sounds that have been added later, like brass, keys, backing vocals and strings but the core of the music was recorded during a session in a couple of days at a studio called Le Chatelet in Hamburg.

„Adam and the Snake“ proves people wrong that accuse singer-songwriters of writing nothing but love songs. They will not find one. An Ezio album without a single love song? Yes, indeed and it’s as bitter as it’s convincing because you will be recompensed: There is some comforting warmth in „We are all children“ and a tender sadness in „Not hard to find“ and „Try not to think about it“ that is touching. You will find a lot of irony in the lyrics as well as in the music in „Mary’s going out“ and „A Country Song“ – reflecting on the intricacies of life. And there is some wild and innocent fury in „Girls“, probably my favourite on the album. „Fake“ is a settlement about keeping up appearances that couldn’t speak any clearer about the subject and then there is the intriguing opener „The Terminator“ – gloomy and cruel and the mysterious „Cuckoo Waltz“ that completely draws you in with its three-four time and its wonderful bass line (fantastic in every song on the album: Ben Schadow ).

Booga’s guitar solos and musical commenting to the songs is one of the all-time characteristics of Ezio’s music and this album’s quality just as Ezio Lunedei’s poignant lyrics are, like e.g.: We are all children/ Sticking out our tongues/ We play at doctor/ We play with guns („We are all Children“). It might also be fair to say that the distinct drumming of Lars Plogschties increasingly adds to the characteristic Ezio sound of their latest records. His drumming has a relaxed emotiveness to it that is hard to find and it suits Ezio’s music perfectly well. His drumming is part of the musical core of this album and is both reflecting and underlying the songs‘ messages like no other.

Another amazing Ezio album of class, another attempt to finally receive the long deserved recognition but once again quality is hard to sell. The brilliant art work (Chen Xi, Cambridge) will help selling though, surely. I so much prefer it to the table dancing girl of the former design, sorry if it sounds old and boring. Thanks for the last minute change of mind and thanks for the amazing listening pleasure.

3/ 14