Trent Miller – Burnt Offerings

Trent Miller

Trent Miller
Album: Burnt Offerings
Label: Bucketfull Of Brains
Tracks: 12


Trent Miller’s new album „Burnt Offerings“ is really special. It’s a non-conventional original mix of electric country folk and gothic. Miller has left the acoustic sound on his two predecessors and it suits his songs, his lyrics as well as his vocals very well. The rich and interesting guitar work contrasts his laid back, almost hypnotizing voice beautifully. You can tell that this album has been produced very carefully with lots of effort and time. No wonder the producing process took many months – they have been worth it. The sound is atmospheric and captivating and makes you want to listen carefully so nothing escapes your notice. And indeed, in every song you will find something special: All sorts of wonderful guitar work (heartbreaking: Paul Cuddeford in „What Colour is the Night“) , lovely steel guitar and violin lines (Heart on a Wire, Your Black Heart), surprising drum sounds (All those Violent Years), beautiful piano sounds (Sands of Time), or a powerful bass line (Graham Knight) in „On the Stone Beach“.

What strikes me is the conflicting combination of darkness in the lyrics combined with some really happy and light sounds like in „Your Black Heart“. The happiest song on the album might be „Pictures from a Different World“ – it appears to be the only love song and starts with the sweet phrase „Could it be the summer in your eyes that makes me burn like a shooting star“. But it also asks the question „Are we killing beauty with a lie?“ and the song ends with this question as well. The symmetrical structure of the lyrics in this song is striking too, by the way.

A special listening experience with this album is how the songs are put together. They are all amazing but I’ve found that their intensity increases with each song. The strongest and most intense songs are placed towards the end of the album: „Sands of Time“, „Sorrow Knows Better“, „Boulevard of Souls“ and „On the Stone Beach“. They show such an engaging intensity and powerfulness – and they obtain the most beautiful and extraordinary melodies that won’t be forgotten.

With this album Trent Miller proves himself to be an outstandingly creative songwriter and musician with the ability to gather musical partners around himself that give his music the finishing touch. His label „Bucketfull of Brains“ does a great job to give those incredibly talented people a chance to enrich the musical world with their art.

5/ 14