First Charge of the Light Brigade -First Charge of the Light Brigade

First Charge of the Light Brigade
First Charge of the Light Brigade
Album: First Charge of the Light Brigade
Label: Aquitaine
Tracks: 12

Glasgow’s Yorick Cormac, former frontman of the Endrick Brothers and his fellow musicians John Carson, Paul Reza and Gordy Turner did do a great job with their self-titled debut album „First Charge of the Light Brigade“.

The opener „My One Track Mind“ is an adequate appetizer and makes you want to listen on and get to know every song on the record. And indeed, it’s the record’s diversity that is most convincing. It offers pop tunes like in „Postcards“ and „Signs“, rock riffs like in „Civil War“, beautiful harmonies like in „Second Hand Love“ and engaging melodies like in „Angel’s Share“. To me all of the songs mentioned are radio friendly and all of them have everything required of a modern hit. The next one, „Waiting Round the Corner“ has exactly the same qualities.

Although the following last four songs again come up with unexpected musical influences like some Spanish sounding guitar sounds in „Wheels“ and some great drumming in „Raise a Glass“ to me they don’t quite keep the songwriting quality of the first half of the album and somehow didn’t resonate in me as much. But in all, I really liked what I heard and I am sure I’d love them live. I hope I’ll get the chance someday.

9/ 14