Jarrod Dickenson – Songs From Willow St EP

Jarrod Dickenson2

Jarrod Dickenson
Album: Songs From Willow St
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 4
Website: http://www.jarroddickenson.com

There is music you find hard to describe because you are indifferent to it and there is music that is hard to describe because of the opposite. It leaves you speechless as it resonates so perfectly with yourself that all words about it seem redundant and useless. This has happened to me with Jarrod Dickenson’s upcoming EP „Songs from Willow St“.

This 4 track record, produced by Chris Jacobie, is a perfect mixture of everything I want when I listen to music: The lyrics give me something to think about, the words encourage me, the vocals touch my soul and the musical arrangements and harmonies (backing vocals: Claire Ward) flatter my ears.

Especially the last song, Take me at my Word, has all the ingredients of what I’d call a perfect song: A catchy but not too simple tune within a modest instrumentation, a transparent sound and an enchanting message. As a plus we are offered a lovely cello solo by Katie Boyd.

The silky roughness of Jarrod Dickenson’s vocals is as irresistible as those of John Smith (UK) and, like himself, Texas born Christian Kjellvander (S). His voice’s warmth mixed with his personal and heartening lyrics produce a kind of intimacy while listening that can leave no listener untouched.

„Songs from Willow St“ has but one defect – it’s too short and leaves us behind with wanting to hear more, much more, of its talented creator. Let’s hope that there will be many more songs of this quality coming from Willow St!

Dagmar Brudnitzki

1/ 14